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Decorate Your Long Cherished Apartment Perfectly

Decorate Your Long Cherished Apartment Perfectly

12 Sep 2014

A new home is a brand new canvas with blank space. You’ve the finest opportunities to decorate each room with a hint touch of your personality and transform into a concept that you’d esteem forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired of your old flat or you’re about to move into your newer one, you shall decorate it with utmost charm and maximal coziness. After weeks of researching, we’ve finally been able to find out the best ideas on decorating an old or new flat for you and today we’re going to discuss those concepts with you.

Always remember, while decorating flat, each and every single thing matters. Let’s go through the following lines and comprehend how you can decorate your long desired apartment perfectly.

Paint you walls
It might not be an option if you’re living in a rented house. But, if you’ve the authority, you should paint the walls of your flat, which is genuinely the quickest approach to bring a new freshen up look and enumerate a touch of interest. While choosing the color, make sure it complements your identity and add a charm like everything is right.

  • If you’re a fun loving person, go for yellow, golden or bring screen. Blue might the proper choice for calm personnel. Don’t scare of making experiment with color.
  • You can add several colors at different walls of a room and do alike in all other rooms. If you don’t like the idea, paint each room with a different color. It bring uniqueness.
  • Painting is not the only option. You can use wallpaper of different pattern, if you want. There are lots of wall decals are also available to apply. Just guess a pick and bring into play.

Try some new furniture
In decorating point of view, furniture is feasibly one of the vital elements of decorating house. If you’re using the same appliances for years and also short of furniture, bring some new ones that can go with the old furniture.

  • Choose style and color wisely that suit your personality.
  • Don’t be afraid of trying something new and innovative
  • Buy the best that enhances the overall glamour of your apartment.
  • Try to mix the furniture and you’d someday end up with a unique combination.
  • Never just thrive for the matching bed, chair, sofa, bookshelf, goods, table, cabinet, and counter. It will save your lots of money.

Decorative Storage is Fascinating
If you’re incredibly organized and can’t tolerate any mess at all, you should use decorative storage. Everybody has something that has to go into storage facility for some time. Instead of shoving in under our bed or behind the closet, go for decorate storage. You would find several kind of staffs in different Ottoman stores like large bookshelves, or hollow drawers, entertainment box with two parts of door and many more, just for storing your things.

  • By bringing the attractive looking one in your apartment, you can kill two birds at one stone.
  • Book cases can be used to store anything like kitchen dishes, assorted decoration aside from books.

Refurbishing old furniture and accents
If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, you can go for giving a makeover to your current or old furniture. It’ll bring a new look in your overall apartment.

  • Re-color the cabinets of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
  • Use cheap and soft fabric to refurbish your old chairs and couches
  • Try new color on your wood accents that will make them look bold and attractive
  • If nothing works, try moving the old furniture in new places

Use some Artworks
Apart from coloring with bright bold color, nothing actually works better on walls than filling it with prints, artworks and posters. You can consider natural photography, concert posters, your favorite quotes, or choose from a selection of artwork with complementary themes and color. Try several home décor houses that offer exclusive type of artworks for moderate price. Go for the one that matches your personality.

  • Hang artworks, photographs, pictures with frame all over your apartment
  • Keep no walls bare. It is super boring
  • Purchase a few small and a few large pieces of artworks

Employ creative Lighting
Natural or generic light and air are always good for your apartment. But surely they lack of interest and most of all, they don’t exhibit your personality. Try mixing up the lighting by buying some new decorative lights.

  • Choose the one that matches the actual styles of your room
  • Don’t go for anything too bold or too lucrative
  • Place small lamps at the corner of every room to add light and flare
  • Cover the lamps with different colored fabrics to bring new look in your apartment

Search for Matching Rugs
We tend to use rugs for two different purposes. One of them is covering up the unappealing or rusty floor and another one is adding pattern to look nice.

  • Do make sure the color of rugs go with the overall environment of your apartment.
  • Place your rugs in empty places of your apartment to fill that up.

Hang up new curtains
Most of the house owners don’t seem to put proper attention on curtain while decorating the home. Just perform a little carpentry works. Install a few curtain rods over the doors, windows and add a few exquisite curtains that thoroughly suit your furniture.

  • Search for colorful patters in order to brighten up your flat
  • If you love dark rooms, add bold color drapes or curtains
  • Add textured and light colored drapes to make the whole place look bigger

So far, we’ve gone through every details and concepts, which are must to decorate your dream home. To be very frank, there are a very few home décor houses are available to offer such distinguished furniture and decorating elements in Bangladesh. Meilleur Deco, with a profound slogan, “Mesmerizing, Majestic”, has been offering all those home décor related items gratifyingly from the very beginning of its journey. Being located in Mirpur DOHS at Dhaka, this home décor company can fill your apartment with everything you’ve cherished for. Why don’t you have a try?

Thank you.

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