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How to Protect Wooden Furniture More Exclusively

How to Protect Wooden Furniture More Exclusively

12 Sep 2014

Being in a sub-continental country, using wooden furniture is always challenging. Although wood furniture offers a stunning impression to any room, there are always some issues to be concerned about it, as after days the furniture’s begin to drop its glow. That’s why you’ve got to be more serious about the preserving the glossiness of wood furniture. Today, our topic of discussion is how we you can pay more attention onto protecting wooden furniture more exclusively.


We’ve lately been talking with some of the home décor specialists in Bangladesh regarding a few guidelines of taking care wood furniture. More specifically, we’ve had a very exclusive conversation about that corresponding issue with Architecture Mr. Mahfuzur Raham, Co-Founder and Director of one of the finest home décor companies located in Dhaka, the Meilleur Deco. After a brief discussion with him, we’ve been able to sort out the perfect ways to take care wood furniture in everyday life.

Protect You Wooded Furniture

Since we live in an offshore country, the following points will surely make sense and offer you an exclusive but simplified guideline on taking care of wood made furniture.

Keep a Safe Distance from Moisture

In rainy season or summer, our furniture mostly get ruined due to the moisture issue. And we all know that wood furniture’s are greatly affected by moistures. Many people think only high moisture or high humidity ruins wood furniture. But the truth is, low humidity can also cause trouble by splitting or cracking on the surface of wood. On the other hand, high moisture level engenders the rise of mold on your timber goods.

There are several solutions are available to prevent such severe condition. You shall keep your furniture or wood furniture on a certain place that proffers continuous flow of light and air. So the timber will remain fresh with sunlight and natural air. Using humidifier you can also maintain the humidity and keep it somewhere around 50%. On worst case scenario, water proof covers can provide sheer protection of your wooden appliances from perspiration.

Protect from Direct Sunlight

Though keeping wooden furniture in a place of adequate air and light is the best option, never make the mistake of keeping it somewhere that gets direct sunlight. We hope you don’t make such mistake. Direct sunlight or rat of sun has high capability of changing the natural color of your timber furniture. Direct sunlight can destroy the burnish and fade away glossiness of natural appearance. You ought to keep in mind that extremely dry condition has higher probability of causing crack to wood.

You shall find a suitable place to settle your furniture at home. A place where direct sunlight can’t come to the furniture and shadows stay for a minimum amount of time. Our expert says, by applying a very thin screen or film on windows, you can significantly project your furniture from bad sunlight’s.  The screen never allows the dreadful UV light rays to enter into the room and effect the wooden appliances. Using table pads is one of the handiest ways as well.

Don’t let you Furniture get Scratches

We often tend to place several object over our wooden furniture that may result in creating scratches. Once you get scratches, you can’t get rid of it very easily. Most of all, when you get such laceration, it fundamentally destroys the glamour of that furniture.

To allow your furniture stay fresh ad away from scratches, you can place mats, pads under the objects like glasses, vases, cups and many more. Apparently, mats and pads are the ultimate solution to save wooden furniture from strains, scrapes, heated objects and claw marks. By the way, don’t use rubber or plastic as the protector of natural wood surfaces. They might seem pretty helpful, but eventually those things result in damaging the timber. On the other hand, you can use scratch cover product if the claw marks are minor. But for large scratches, don’t waste any more minutes and use shoe polish that closely matches with the color of your furniture

Stay Away from Water Rings

Well, water rings are pretty common issue for wood furniture. That thing I quite capable of decreasing the overall glossiness of wood surface and make it look like a torn out big thing. While looking for moisture, scratches, sunlight, we often forget or don’t care about that thing.

Thoroughly use mats, pads on timber. Otherwise, you may find water ring appear in any days after continuously placing something over the furniture. To get rid of it, prepare a mixture of cigarette ashes and cooking oil. Scrub that water ring with sand paper. And then rub the mixture onto the wood surface.

Polish Furniture time to time

Though we often admire using wooden furniture, but never act so careful enough to keep the glitter stay forever. Your wooden furniture requires polishing or burring at least 3 to 4 times a year. Don’t do it excessively which might bring a cloudy layer over the surface. Before it dries, remove the extra polish. Don’t make the mistake of combining various types of polish at a time. 

Clean them thoroughly

Wood furniture’s should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to keep the glowing effect forever. Otherwise a very thin layer of sand will appear on the surface. Use only feather dusters and soft clothes, since they are the most suitable dusting tools to clean your furniture. Or you can also apply soft towel as a cleansing tool. To wipe out dust properly not only from surface, but also from every inch of the wooden furniture, using vacuum cleaner is one of the most recommended choices.

Without extra care, the wood furniture will eventually lose its sparking look. Not only that, make sure your furniture is made of proper wood before putting any significant polish or color. Meilleur Deco, the newly inaugurated home décor house located at Mirpur DOHS in Dhaka, offers extensive range of wooden and other materialized furniture. You can have a quick check over the collection, if you’re thinking of getting new furniture any other home décor staffs. Hope you may like them.


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